Friday, January 22, 2010

What Not To Eat

Recently, on my way to run I start to get really nauseous and my stomach starts to hurt. I always chalk it up as whatever I last ate...even when I wait for my food to settle for hours.

So I figured I would do some research and see if I am eating the wrong food before my runs.

The first thing google pops up....
Can you imagine? Makes me sick to look at it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain makes me inSANE

It's been a rainy mess here for 4 days now. One more day....just one and hopefully it's all over. It never rains here and when it does...people flip out. Apparently this is the biggest rain storm California has had in 25 years. It took me 3.5 hours to get home from school last night. Flooding, freeways closed, wrecks...idiots everywhere. The news is showing people determined to kayak in the ocean...idiotic. I was about to pull my hair out everytime my eyes saw 5 mph. It's not only rainy as hell, but it's windy as Amarillo. Poor Romeo has serious cabin fever.
So my run was forced to take place at the good 'ol gym today. I don't know how I made it to 5, by the grace of God. I hate that damn treadmill. Although, you do see some characters...not that you don't see them at the beach. Check out this chic I spotted while I was stretching. The hair!!! WTF? Repulsive.
I have the house all to myself for 5 days...I honestly haven't been lonely like this in quite some time. I was kind of excited to be able to walk from the shower to my room, naked...but it's very quiet here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Running North

Forced myself to run today. Juggling school and this training is proving to be quite the challenge, which I expected.
I just couldn't go my same route but the beach has to be on the horizon. I headed north from Newport to Huntington Beach Pier...but didn't quite make it to the pier. My breathing was off and I think I was was just all I didn't make my goal of 7 or 8...only hit 6 miles. Tomorrow I have to be well prepared. I have decided to start jotting down my thoughts, sights, scenes, after each run. This is going to be a fun 3 weeks. I swear I am going to start blogging regularly. Trying as hard as possible to keep this training somewhat interesting.
-Very tan bum
-douche bag cyclists
-firepits in the sand
-bbq er's
-Pugs and even a puggle!
-"Babes Rentals" every mile
-Beach cruisers
-Jealousy toward the fast rollerbladers
-dreamed up my new wall scape for the living room
-extra gum
-ipod skipping at mile 5...didn't know ipods skipped

My heel is in a little pain. It has been much, much worse so I am not complaining but I have to keep up my exercises.

TGIF doesn't apply to me anymore....weekends are where the real work happens.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mission{s} Accomplished


I have been a very bad blogger. I must make up for it over the holidays. My goal is to write every single day when I am in Tulsa.

While I am running, my thoughts often wander. I pass things that are so wonderful to see, I look out to the water and just think to myself...I wish I had a voice diary I could share everything I see on these runs. One of my favorite runs, that is now becoming my most unfavorite bc I am so gosh darn sick of it....I pass all the great restaurants on Balboa on the way to the water. It's the fresh cheese pizza, mediterranean grape leaves and hummus, chicken wings from Brewco, mexican yummy fajitas, and the list goes on and on. How tempting and torturing while you run to take whiffs on your favorite grub.

Today, I took the same route but I switched it up a bit and increased the length....TO SIX MILES. Yes, yes indeed I sure did run 6 freaking miles today. Oh the sense of accomplishment I am feeling at this moment.

I saw some funny things today along my run that are worth sharing. Mutt Lynch's had a sign up that read: Drink Triples, See Double, Act Single. I thought that was real clever. I passed a beach house that had a sign on the patio that read: Don't analyze your pleasures in life. That's a good saying. I think I shall adopt it today. I woke up feeling so guilty about all that cookie dough I consumed last night when I couldn't sleep. I kept pondering on it....why did i do it? It only tastes heavenly for one second. And you know what? I just need to let it go. Bc hell....maybe I deserved the darn cookie dough.

This week is finals and I just finished one of my major projects for sketching. I stress out about all these assignments and somehow I end up getting them completed in ample time. I have to go to the sewing lab today and finish up one of my drafting assignments but for the first time all quarter, I finished our garment in sewing lab last Friday so that is DONE. Almost as good of a feeling to have that out of the way as my running. I have a huge exam tomorrow in Fabric Identification and its the only class I am worried about my grade in and I haven't cracked a book for it. Yikes. The clock is ticking and I must take Romeo on a bike ride before I begin my last tasks of the day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sew it is

I completed my first garment! Considering I had never even sat down at a sewing machine, had no knowledge of how to even thread a needle, this is huge guys. It takes serious patience. And, that is not one of my strong suits. So leading up to this garment completion, we have learned all sorts of different methods, seams, on different parts of clothing...but never put anything together per say. My blood pressure rapidly increased as I watched our professor explain the different steps involved with creating this shirt. We spend an entire afternoon in the sewing lab and not once have I completed our entire assignment before the lab is over. I have to go back during the week to finish our assignment, which most people do. So, this assignment I was most definitely going to be spending time in the sewing lab. Much to my surprise, I completed about 75% of the shirt before lab was over. Yesterday, I went back to sew the sleeves into the sleeve openings. The sleeves were tricky to say the least. The puff around the top of the shoulder, we used a method called crimping...and this shit ain't easy kids. I normally have to rip out my seams at least twice before I get them just right...not this time...first time. Kind of proud of myself. So are you ready to see the end product? It is nothing fancy but considering it consists of 6 pieces put together with 4 darts...its harder than it looks. And NO i will not be wearing it. It's minature, not that i would wear it anyway. Do do you know what goes into making a roll up cuff puff sleeve? Ok check this out....

p.s. do you see my lovely flowers in my backyard?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Run Forest

I came up with some stellar motivation today to run. Everytime I have a conversation w someone about my goal, it holds me more accountable. My friend Jen is on me to sign up for this half and I think the reason why I haven't done is bc I am scaaaaaaared...and I guess just lazy and haven't gotten around to it. But I am committing myself to doing it asap.
So today, I ran 5.5 miles. Well 5.58 to be precise. My watch told me. And I tell you what, it felt real good. I wasn't even struggling the entire time, and I kind of almost enjoyed it. I mean this isn't the hardest terrain. I hit 4 miles and had a grand idea...I would just stop by my friend Taryn's at the beach on 41st and have her take me home. Because my goal was 4 miles today. Once I hit 4 and I wasn't dying, I talked myself into pushing through and just running the rest of the way home. Now, we won't get into how much actual time it took me. EEEeeeek....I have to improve my pace.
So today was an accomplishment. I am going to give myself a big pat on the back and then go chow chipotle. Ha.

Monday, November 9, 2009

You know you want some Mac n Cheese Now

Today I woke up pretty darn unmotivated. After rockin my to do list yesterday which included steam cleaning the carpets, grocery store, prepare for mac n cheese cook-off, run the dogs, clean my room, do 2 loads of laundry, pick up my mom from the airport and then the iron chef games began at 5pm....I couldn't get it together this morning. Finally, I made it to Kinko's to print off all my new garments to sketch this week...because ugh i lost a cable to my printer and i have to keep going to Kinko's which is a huge pain in my ass. So...I ended up accomplishing a lot. But, I tell you what...Monday's are the absolute worst days for me to workout. I dread it and dread it, all day long. I am meeting Mom at spin at 4:15, so i had to think about the dreadful task all day.

I won 2nd place last night in our homemade mac n cheese contest. Nick and I cooked at Nissa's and Courtney and BV cooked
at Brian's. John put an entire spreadsheet together after the votes were in. I was so sick of looking and smelling cheese for the last 2 hours, I barely tasted any. Pretty sure mine was the best though. It was made w Gouda cheese, carmelized onions, and apple honey bacon. YumO. Lindsay Harrison gave me a precious Anthropologie apron for my bday, so I was stoked to get to utilize it. Nick is like #1 cook so he was all tooting his own horn, confident he would win and so we all found it quite humorous he got 4th place. He made it with lobster and crab which was delicious but it was sort of more of a pasta dish than actual mac n cheese. Lovely end to the weekend in which contributed to the 5 lbs I have to loose before 2 weeks. Eeeek.